How does Where is the Wildlife work?

Where is the Wildlife App Features and Services

Find ⋅ View ⋅ Share ⋅ Protect

Our app features include all the services you need for your wildlife viewing experience.


  • Easily search for the animals you want to see. Look around your area or the rest of the world.
  • Use app features to get turn by turn navigation to the wildlife. Fast. Accurate. Easy.
  • Post your sightings. Help out others and quickly drop mark sightings on your map. You can add a personalized message or picture for other wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Rinse and repeat


  • Organize your search for the most recent sightings. This will increase your chances of finding wildlife right then!
  • Take pictures of what you see using your favorite camera app. The camera will seamlessly connect it to Where is the Wildlife.


  • Upload your pictures and share them with friends. Join our growing community of wildlife enthusiasts, or link to facebook, twitter, google + and more!
  • Browse other’s galleries and see more of the earth’s magnificent creatures. Get inspired for your next trip or catch up on friend’s adventures.


  • Discover our Code of Conduct to learn the do’s and don’ts of wildlife viewing
  • Join the discussion about good practices to follow when observing nature.
  • Report bad conduct with safety in mind, right on the app. Help protect our world’s creatures.
wildlife app features

Let Us Know How We Can Improve

Where is the Wildlife App Features are designed for your convenience. We hope we’ve covered most of the basics, but there is always room for improvement. Want to suggest a new feature or service? Would you like to offer any feedback about your experience so far? Do you have a comment or concern?

Let us know! Your thoughts matter to us. Together we can create a wildlife viewing culture of respect, transparency and enrichment.

Meet our community, share your story, and more.

Thank you!